Relationship toxicity does not begin when you observe indicators of domestic abuse or irrational behavior. It all begins when you start to doubt your curiosity, peace, and sanity! When you stop doing things your way because you’re afraid of what your partner will say or do. It all begins when you start to mistrust the love and peace you claim to enjoy in your relationship.

When you can’t determine if your partner is telling the truth or just spitting lies, it’s not mind games; it merely complicates things. You sit alone and become a prisoner of your own thoughts because you desperately want to figure out the puzzles and understand what’s going on. Your calm is threatened because something doesn’t feel right; you’re losing it slowly because nothing appears to be changing, and you’re not sure you want to keep going.

This is not the same as having a disagreement and pondering on it; this is you questioning every reason to stay in the relationship; the exquisite sensation of love has morphed into something that chokes you. Something is clearly not right!

By Dorcas Omidoyin

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