By Esther Chineye Mbabie

Close-up of African American woman looking at herself in mirror over coloured background

Self-discovery can be such a long journey. A long and exhausting journey of doubt, worry, courage, anxiety and a repetition of the cycle. While we look forward to the point where we have it figured out or at least to a large extent, many times it is difficult to look beyond the present phase.

Sometimes, we are not even trying to walk in anyone’s footsteps, maybe, we just want to snap out of the things we were taught to know and believe and build new and healthy ideologies to live by.

The truth remains that no matter the story or circumstance, becoming the better versions of ourselves will always come with its curves and bends. How can we stay true and through on the journey of becoming? How can we get to the finish line of self-discovery and finally receive our medal for all the hard work?

The following are a few suggestions that although may not drive us quicker to our destination, may help us through the journey.

1) Your circle: Friends are like spices, they are always necessary but when the wrong spice is put in a pot, the whole meal could be ruined. On the journey to self-discovery, the right circle/friends can make the burden of the journey easier to bear.

2) Write it down: How/what would you like to feel when the journey is over? Peace, happiness, fulfilled? Writing them down will serve as a way to stay motivated and a way to stay in check even at the end of the journey.

If peace was written down and when self-discovery is “achieved”, peace is missing, one can tell that the journey is not yet over.

3) Breathe and allow for mistakes.

4) Compete against yourself and yourself alone. Let every day be a new day to  take deliberate steps in being a better version of yourself as opposed to a better version of anyone else

At the end of the day, we must remember that every day, every action and every phase counts.  “Self-discovery”/”Becoming” is more than a destination, it’s a journey. A continuous journey.

We are all becoming with every new day!

Source: Above Whispers

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