Teach The Girls

I stumbled upon a message recently. It highlighted just how many hardships many women endure because their mothers told them it was part of life as a woman.

As girls, they were told to learn to cook so their husbands would not look for food elsewhere eventually leading to him cheating, they were told to be calm so their husbands would not think of them as violent women and be scared away, they were told that girls who stayed too long in their father’s house had a problem,…the list goes on and on.

These seeds stay with the girls and develop into trees as they become women. As a result, they consider it okay and necessary to endure hardships and rejections.

We must teach the girls better. Teach them that it is okay to dream big and aim for the sky. Teach them to be more than trainees for marriage, teach them that building a home and dreaming big are not mutually exclusive.

We must keep reminding them that they deserve love and everything beautiful.

It is time we sow the right seeds so the right trees can be nurtured from them.

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Source: Above Whispers

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