Aswat Nissa Calls for Gender-Sensitive Roadmap

Tunis Afrique Presse (Tunis)

Aswat Nissa organisation called on President Kais Said to develop a roadmap that takes into account the gender approach and equality among all social groups.

In a statement Monday, it made recommendations that could be taken into account by the Head of State and the future PM to uphold the gender approach.

These recommendations provide, in particular, for the implementation by the President of the Republic 0of legal and political measures to ensure the resumption of legislative activities and the continuity of the judicial process.

Aswat Nissa said the issue of violence against women must be prioritised, through the implementation of Law 58 of 2017 and Law 37 of 2021 on the organisation of domestic work and the review of bills withdrawn or abandoned like the bill on maternity leave.

The organisation noted the legitimacy of the exceptional measures decided by the President of the Republic on July 25, saying they pave the way for a new Republic based on respect for the rule of law.

Source: Tunis Afrique Presse (Tunis)

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