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THE number of incidents of gender-based violence has declined by 27.8 per cent between January to June this year compared to the corresponding period last year.

The Police disclosed yesterday that the number of incidents recorded between January and June this year was 15,131 while in the same period last year was 19,340.

However, the Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI), Police Commissioner (CP), MrCamiliusWambura, quickly noted that the trend was still alarming; calling for more engagement of the public in the campaign against such social chaos.

Speaking to reporters here in the capital city Dodoma, MrWambura attributed the persistent gender-based violence on elderly women, women and children to witchcraft believes, moral decay, flesh desires and love jealous.

He went on calling upon the religious leaders, political leaders, traditional leaders and public, in general, to join forces to contain the situation.

Commissioner of Police said it is now high time for more public engagement to contain the problem as the incidents normally occur at community and family levels whereby the police force intervenes when effects have already occurred.

“We (police) are informed when it is too late, especially upon deaths or other incidents, we need to prevent them, that is why we are calling for public engagement as this would save lives of many” he insisted.

The DCI named the regions with high cases of gender-based violence and their statistics in brackets in the period of January to June this year as Arusha (1,697), Ilala (1,486), Tanga (1,347), Kinondoni (924) and Lindi (780).

Among the incidents which have been reported as rape, defilement, murder whereas for the elderly women and children the reason behind was mainly witchcraft beliefs in search of power and wealth whereas for women is love jealousy from their husband or male partner.

He used the platform to remind parents and guardians of their key role of taking care and protecting children whom of late they were among the key victims of gender-based violence as between January and June, this year almost 6,009 have been affected.

Source: Daily News

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