The Workplace Experience

By Esther Chineye Mbabie

Workplace insults and embarrassments seem to be spreading like wildfire now. While some may attribute the anger of bosses/employers to the state of the frustrating state of the country, should employers not be accountable for their actions?

Good work relationships help to increase productivity, thus, it is necessary that as employers or potential employers, we begin to learn the ropes of being better in that regard.

Many times, some comments may seem harmless but these comments may feel ‘insultive’ to employees. While employees must learn to overlook certain things in the workplace, employers must also play their part in protecting the state of mind of their employees through their words. Emotional intelligence must be applied in dealing with colleagues, employers and employees.

The following are various experiences employers, employees and colleagues have faced.

1) Ife.

He called me boy. The problem with this is the moment they start regarding you like that, your salary won’t be complete. They would turn you to a family member and say you understand that this is happening.


I worked with this woman and then I built a really good relationship with her because I like it when I understand the people I work with. We became a bit close that she started telling me few personal things. There was a time she paid salaries late and then she called me to her office to say she wanted to pay me half and balance later, I thought she was being nice not knowing others had collected their full payment. She used to tell me stories about things that are making her pay me late whenever she had to do so, the last time I worked with her was the most annoying. She paid me not even up to half of what I was supposed to pay (she still paid other workers their full money) and then sent me a long text message explaining her problems, till today she didn’t think what she did was bad, to her I understand what happened and we have moved on.

3) Gift

I worked with a friend on a project. I tried to distinguish work relationship from our friendship. I had other friends on the project and things moved smoothly. Somewhere in between, we had a very small friendship argument that was a result of a  misunderstanding and she up and left the project. No prior notice. Thankfully her role was not so cogent and the project could continue without stress.

Source: Above Whispers

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