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A Marketing World

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Tuesday, June 22nd, 2021
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It’s a marketing world now and almost everything seems to be available for sale. Products and services alike.  Many times when we meet people, our first thought is to tell them and show them just how much they need to buy our products or services.

When we meet a lady who seems to be having a skin issue, our first thought is to tell them how they have not been doing enough, how they need to do more, how they need to buy our products to save their skins. What we do not know is that while some may go through menstruation for 3 -6 days without even realising it, some others have ovulation reactions, menstruation reactions and post-menstruation reactions.

Some ladies could be going through PCOS(Polycystic Ovary syndrome) journeys that we could never begin to comprehend. We have no idea how many times these people have heard various opinions and about various products that may only have made things worse.

 So next time you see a lady with a skin condition that you think your products will definitely solve, you may need to think of a more sensitive way to put your words. Also, we must begin to look at people as beings with emotions as opposed to just potential clients.

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