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Should Single Women Own Properties

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Thursday, June 10th, 2021
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African women are known to be effective in the cultivation and processing of agricultural produce but culturally are not entitled to owning lands. Generally, possession of land is by inheritance which females are not eligible to. Therefore, they depend on the possession of another human (father or husband) to make a living.

As a girl grows into a woman, the expectation is for her to marry, move in with her husband and start a family. Basically, the husband who is expecting his wife should make available all that would be needed for his new family. While the woman is to just bring herself, her clothing and kitchen utensils.

But really, is it a wrong thing for the woman to own a house of her own before moving into her husbands’ or can’t the unusual happen for the husband to move in instead? It is quite unfortunate that our society assumes a woman that owns properties in terms of assets such as house, car, land etc. would be proud, uncontrollable and intimidate men.

Well, I am glad that many women today are coming to the realization of the fact that they are worth more than cooking spoons and pots and they deserve to have things in their name and any man that is intimidated by that is totally not worth them, which is the absolute truth. Even the holy book specifies that the virtuous woman (our Proverbs 31 woman) is one who buys land and builds on it; she buys a vine and cultivates it. This means she is an industrious woman that has things that belongs to her.

Nothing makes you more independent than to have things that are boldly written in your name. As humans, as we grow we are expected to get more independent which means we can make important decisions on our own, we do not find change to be strange and we are responsible for our happiness. Therefore, we as women should create financial security for ourselves as it is a great source of independence.

In addition to it being a source of financial security, it makes life comfortable. Properties may not necessarily be landed but a car, a washing machine, a generator are all properties that makes living comfortable and you should not wait until you are married before you can supply yourself with power when it is out.

One thing I have learnt is that when men know you can take care of yourself, they respect you. Owning your own properties shows you are capable of taking your own responsibility and you will be respected as such. 

While marriage is an amazing place to be and buying things with your husband shows unity, sometimes it just does not work out. Owning your own assets is a way of planning for the unforeseen future. For examples, the African culture does not permit a wife to have inheritance when her husband passes on, in such cases; your properties belong to you.

I will like to further reiterate the fact that while you are single is when you can make your sole decisions by yourself. Therefore, it is the perfect time to create your wealth. Well, I am a student so I don’t have money to buy myself land. What an excuse! Once there is a will, there is a way. Make little savings, they someday accumulate into something worth investing whose yield would one day buy you that car. Don’t say I did not soap for you. Lol!

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