Puberty: Wrong Education Amongst Parents

By Esther Chineye Mbabie

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If you were to walk up to 5 different women and ask them what their first puberty education from their parent(s) was, about two women would most likely say they received the “don’t let a man be near you when you are menstruating or you will get pregnant” statement, about two others would probably have received “pimples always imply bad hygiene” the 5th person will most likely be the one who didn’t get any puberty education.

Many children battle with acne due to puberty but get told it’s a disease caused by poor hygiene, many girls only find out that they should have taken other precautionary measures during puberty apart from ensuring they were not touched by the opposite sex, many boys even struggle with wet dreams without a proper understanding of what could be happening.

All this is just to show that many children did not get the proper puberty education they should have received from home.

While trying to instil fear in order to “prevent” promiscuity, the part of educating may have been lost or miscommunicated.

Another angle is from the parents knowledge of puberty with respect to how it is going on with their children.

A little while back I carried out a survey asking people what they thought about both parents being involved in providing puberty education for the children.

The most dominant answer was that the mother’s be in charge of that aspect as many men tend to shy away from that part of the job.

So, in order to properly educate children on puberty, parents must first get comfortable with having these conversations with their children. Then, the parents can seek to research and know more about things they did not previously know while observing their children as they live through their puberty stage.

This way every aspect is spoken on and the right information is passed.

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Source: Above Whispers

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