By Princess Arira

Reverence means to revere or have high respect or honour for the Lord. To revere God is to fear God, anything that is done out of irreverence is unacceptable before God. We as believers are constantly in a place of honour and godly fears, it refers to discretion and honour towards God. We must never lose sight or value for God, we maintain a posture of honour for anything that emanates from God.

We must continually behold God for what and who He is. Reverence is for all as far as we are of God’s creation, we must continue to reverence and worship Him in all of His majesty. God wants us to please Him, and pleasing Him must be in our heart. Reverence begins from the heart and one can outwardly demonstrate it.

God relates with us on what He sees on the inside. Honour must be communicated while reverence must be demonstrated. Out of the heart of gratitude, songs should come out of your mouth. You must speak His mighty ways in your work and walk with Him and all He has done for you.

When you forget what God has done in your life, you are walking in dishonour. Keep the great works of God before you. It is dishonour not to acknowledge what God has done for you. It is a sign of faith, believe in God, honour and trust in God for all He has done and can do. As children of God when you reverence God you enjoy all that comes with it, be it spiritual or physical.

Source: Above Whispers

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