Lockdown is Fashion Experiment Time

By Viveeyan

Remember how your face mushes up because you cannot fathom wearing a daring number outside your house? Well, now you do not have to go outside. Do the experimenting indoors. Here is how to go about it;


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  1. Do a quick review of what you have in your wardrobe


You have all the time in the world now. Bring out everything and arrange them according to colour. Then next arrange them according to shirt, pants, skirts, jackets, flats, heels, sneakers etc.

Beautiful woman in retro style

  1. Get your camera ready


Don’t panic. Any camera will do. We are not after how clean the picture looks. We just want to find out how the combos go. Set the camera on an elevated surface. It could be your dressing table or pillows stacked on one another on your bed. Set the timer to five seconds so you have enough time to pose and get the right angle before it snaps.



  1. Start mixing


Get creative. Wear that top with that bottom you will never try to match with it on a good day. Do not be afraid of colours. Just go as far as your imagination allows.


Picture: IHSAAN HAFFEJEE (27.10.2012)
Picture: IHSAAN HAFFEJEE (27.10.2012)
  1. Upload the pictures on your private chats for feedbacks

Share the pictures with your friends and close relatives. Ask what they think about the combos. It is important that whoever you share the photos with is a fashionable person. You don’t want to send the photos to someone who only sees in black and white. Try not to make it too serious. Send it to them as an activity you are doing during this lockdown to have fun with them. It will help them let their guards down and play well enough to choose the combos that excite them.


That’s all for this week. Please stay indoors, stay safe and wash your hands.




Source: Above Whispers

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