What Is Evil In The Sight Of The Lord

By Princess Arira

What is evil? The real evil is rejecting God. Everything was created for God, but if you’re using it for a purpose other than God, that is wicked. People of the earth are stuck in fate or destiny where they’re centred on themselves, the world, and pleasure. In Apostle Paul’s letter to Timothy his son, he said that those who love themselves, money, and pleasure more than they love God will be in suffering.
How can you overcome your mental illnesses, depression, and panic disorders? How do you overcome material suffering? How do you escape the suffering of human relationships? All you have to do is love God more. In anything else, no matter how much you try to read or look up for research methods, you will never be able to escape, except you believe and trust in God.
God doesn’t force His will on man, He has given us a free will, its either you believe and be saved or you reject His gift which is His free will and be condemned… Rejecting God’s gift is evil, and anyone who rejects the gift of God shall walk in darkness, and darkness is sin which is evil before the Lord!!!
Bible references.,
John 3:18, 2Tim 3, John 1:4.
Source: Above Whispers

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