Super Abundance In Your Area Of Lack

By Princess Arira

Faith 2
If you are facing a lack in any area of your life, be it finances, health or relationship. Know that God has already provided His supernatural supply which will abound towards you. In John 6:1-13, Jesus was with a large crowd of people who were hungry and Jesus knew that where there is a lack there is superabundance supply in His father’s kingdom to overcome the lack. Jesus was thinking super and His disciples were not thinking the same way.
What Jesus’ disciples could ever imagine was the fact that a boy has three fishes and five loaves of bread, but they never knew that it could amount to anything. They said, “what are the five loaves and two fish among so many?” They only saw the problem, the lack. But Jesus took the little lifted it up and gave thanks to His father whose supply is so much more than we can ever ask for.
When Jesus started distributing the little that is in His hands, a miracle happened and there was great multiplication. The supply kept flowing as long as the need was there. Even after they were so fed, there were 12 baskets full of leftover. In God’s kingdom, there’s nothing as God not having enough or not wanting to give to His children.
God wants us to always be conscious of His grace abounding towards us and enveloping us. We should all learn to acknowledge God like Jesus by thanking God for the little in our hands and believe that His abundant supply will flow and multiply the little that we have and fill us up to overflowing.
God is a good Father that doesn’t have the capacity of making His children suffer. When it comes to our needs as believers He’s willing, able and responsible.
Source: Above Whispers

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