The Answer To A Guilty Conscience

By Princess Arira

As humans a lot of things, thoughts and ideas go on in our mind.


 Many at times our conscience judge us of sins we have committed in the past and we feel God is angry with us.  A lot of people feel depressed all the time because of a sense of guilt, and they pay for their sins in terms of illness. Doctors are discovering that many diseases are caused by guilt and condemnation because the conscience is saying you have done wrong, you must be punished.
For every sin you have committed it has been forgiven by the blood of Jesus, He doesn’t count them against you. So don’t let the devil try to remind or condemn you of your sins, tell him all your sins have been punished to the maximum in the body of Jesus Christ. So there remains no more punishment for you today again, for how much more shall the blood of Jesus Christ who through the eternal spirit offer himself without spot to God, cleanse my conscience?
The only way to bring peace to your conscience is to look to the cross because the cross of Jesus is the only answer that will satisfy your conscience. So the next time your conscience condemns you because of sin, don’t try to silence it with your good works. Look to the cross and say, ” Father, thank you for Jesus and the cross. Jesus was totally condemned on my behalf for this sins, so now there’s now absolutely no condemnation left for me”. Then your conscience will look at the cross and say, “Peace.
My friend, Jesus’ finished work at the cross truly sets you free.
Bible references.,
Heb 9:14, ROM 8:1, Eph 2:5.
Source: Above Whispers

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