Follow These Tips And Stay Healthy During This Harmattan Season

By Oluwakemi Adelagun

harmattan tips
The season is here again. The dry, dusty and cold one. The season comes with many common health issues, such as dry skin, catarrh, asthma, sickle cell, nose bleeding, burns. This time of the year is associated with known health hazards such as the aforementioned which is highly preventable and comes around the month of November to March.
However, the intensity depends on which part of Nigeria you are. It is also a time to be careful about bush burning and exposure to inflammable materials.
Harmattan affects all parts of the body that is exposed such as the eyes, respiratory tract, nose, mouth.
1. Bathe with warm water and avoid cold drinks.
2. Apply oil products such as olive, shea butter, coconut oil or others depending on our preference, so as to keep your skin from becoming excessively dry and scaly. This season is not the time to use lotion. Also ensure to intentional apply a generous amount of the oil to the sole of your feet, so as to prevent cracking heels.
3. Ensure to get lip balm to prevent cracked lips.
4. Drink plenty water to prevent dehydration.
5. Do well to eat vegetables and fruits and ensure to wash them properly before eating it.
6. Should you be asthmatic, ensure your inhaler comes in handy in this period. Stay away, as much as possible from a dirty and dusty environment to avoid inhalation. The season triggers attack in an asthmatic patient. It is even advisable you stay indoors.
7. Wear clothes that will keep you warm, especially for the vulnerable ones such as the children, sick persons and the elderly. Cover yourself properly.
Source: Above Whispers

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