Seven Questions To Ask Before And After Having A Premature Child

By Oluwakemi Adelagun

The thought of going home without your newborn is quite difficult. A preterm or preemie (other terms used for premature babies) parent may miss the experience and joy that comes with holding to hold and bond with the baby right after delivery.
 It’s is absolutely normal for a parent to worry about a child born prematurely. Many questions, uncertainties, fears, worries, which need explanations and assurances will invariably arise from the parent of the baby.
A baby is premature if he/she is born before thirty-seven weeks of a normal forty weeks pregnancy. And there are different levels of preterm. And each carries its own risks.
There are extreme cases where the baby is born less than twenty-eight weeks, it is almost extreme when it is between twenty-eight to thirty-two and it is moderate when it is between thirty-two to thirty-seven weeks. As a preterm parent, you need to keep track of your child’s development.
Above Whispers bring to you some questions you just have to ask :
1. Where, which hospital has adequate facility to handle my premature baby? You may want to give birth in a hospital that has a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Also, you need to ask about their NICU outcome data that shows their survival statistics and gestational age.
2.  Are paediatric experts present at the hospital round the clock? What will happen during and after the preterm birth?
3. Are resources available to support parents too?
4. Will I be able to see my baby immediately after birth?
5. Will I be able to feed (breast or bottle technique)?
6. How are the nutritional needs of the baby met?
7. How are respiratory problems managed?
Source: Above Whispers

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