The Story Corner : Grandma! Haba!!!

By Onozasi

Inside life, o ti di five alive. Inside life oooo…. How can a grandmother almost kill her grandkids just because they took garri to eat from a neighbour before she got back from wherever she went to. This is a real-life story o. The news has been everywhere. This woman in River state flogged her grandkids, rubbed them pepper, tied them till they died. According to the news, the children have been living with her since their mother died and their grandmother who is the biological mother of their mother, making the kids her grandkids have been very mean to them.


She has been maltreating them, starving them and some days ago when these kids were so hungry, they took garri from their neighbour before she got back and when she came and discovered that they did that, she flogged them, rubbed them with pepper and used electric wire to tie them. It was the cry of the kids which some of the neighbours overheard that made them come to their rescue. Well, madam grandma has been taken to the police station and will be prosecuted. Excuse me please, I don’t know the kind of training that is, but that is total wickedness. Gross wickedness. I mean, grandmothers are known for overly spoiling their grandkids with love and care not like this. Maybe she is sick though but whatever sickness she has, excuse us ma, get well in jail.

Source: Above Whispers

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