Born Again To Have Dominion

By Princess Arira


When God made man, He gave man dominion over everything on earth. He gave an idea of the kind of dominion that man would have had had he not sinned. Let’s look at the perfect man Jesus Christ; when Jesus wanted to pay the temple tax,  He only needed to command a fish to bring the money to him. When He wanted to feed a multitude, He only needed to multiply five loaves and Two fishes in His hands. When a storm threatened the lives of His disciples, He only had to speak to the storm and there was perfect calm. And every sick person who was brought to Him went away healed. He even brought the dead back to life because He had dominion over death.
Today you have the same dominion that Jesus exercised because Christ is in you. We need to understand that since God’s greater purpose for man is to have dominion on earth, it would include the lesser blessings such as health and provision. Then, we will see ourselves as God sees us, walking in dominion, and we will walk in victory over negative circumstances in the natural realm.
If you are born again, you have been born again of the spirit, born to rule and have dominion over everything on earth.
Source: Above Whispers

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