Myths Surrounding C-Section

By Oluwakemi Adelagun

C-section is a big deal for women. Although some medical experts claimed that vaginal birth is the best method for childbirth, C-section is an option to be considered in some situations.
A lot of misinformation and misconception is circulating concerning C-Section came. According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, it is a surgical operation for giving birth in which a cut is made in the mother’s body so that the bay can be removed through the opening.
1. Women who had C-Sections did not give birth: Some person still hold the belief that those who give birth through C-section did not go actually give ‘birth’, imagine that!
This same woman went through labour, but for one reason or the other, she was advised by her doctor to take the C-section route. In as much as the baby was brought out of her, birth has occurred, It does not diminish anything.
2. Women who had C-sections are not strong enough and they might not feel the same connection as one who gave birth vaginally: Some people claim that those who gave birth through the vaginal method are a lot stronger than their counterpart who through C-sections. C-sections do not make you less of a woman or a mother. The bond between a mother and child is not dependent on which part the baby came out.
3. A mother cannot have a vaginal birth after caesarean section: This is not impossible, although it is not common. You may have what is called a VBAC, vaginal birth after caesarean.
4. C-section are easier than a vaginal birth: C-section has its own risks too. You will have a sensation.  Just like any surgery, it takes a longer time to heal. There are higher risks with repeated C-sections, as it is likely to cause the placenta to accrete, this occurs when the blood vessels and other parts of the placenta grow through the prior C-section scar and nearby structures.
5. C-section reduces the likelihood of having vaginal prolapse: This is a condition where the wall of the vaginal become lax. The truth is whether it is a C-section of vaginal birth, there is risks that this will happen.
6. No breastfeeding after C-section: Albeit Breastfeeding may be a little challenging in this situation, however, it can still be done with patience.
7. The C-section scar never fades: The scars fade, however, our skins differ.
Source: Above Whispers

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