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The Story Corner : Sex Tape

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Friday, November 22nd, 2019
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We woke up to the news of a young lady whose boyfriend leaked their sex tape. Now, this lady was filmed having sex with her boyfriend by her boyfriend on his phone. My people ehn, I was shocked. Upon all the gory stories on sex tapes and all of that, this young girl allowed herself to be filmed by her boyfriend and not only that, she allowed him to use his phone. Like seriously? why would you do that? This boy said he was dared by his friends to put out the video. First of all, why would you show such a private thingie to your friends? what kind of man does that? Now, social media people have done all sorts with that information.


They started attacking the girl, we aren’t shocked about that but then what about the stupid boy who behaved like a chicken? What about the boy who went online to expose what was done in private? Now, rumour has it that this young girl, an undergraduate of Babcock University has been expelled from school for breaking the rules. I don’t even want to dabble into that but the fact is this, if they are going to punish anyone, they should both be punished. One person shouldn’t be punished for the sins of another. In fact, the guy should be beaten! Such mannerless idiot!

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