Sound Mind

By Princess Arira

Your mind serves as an interface between the physical and the spiritual, the real you is hidden inside your body. In ROM 7:22, Apostle Paul called it the INWARD man and in Eph 3:16 it was called the inner man, our inner man is not corruptible, righteousness does not require improvement, we are fashioned exactly like him 1Jhn 3:1-2.
God’s estimation of us requires spiritual comprehension. Whatsoever you are saying with your mouth must align to the reality of who you are in Christ. You are who God says you are, so let the word of God dwell richly in your heart. Be saturated with the word of God so that you can grow to the point of conviction.
Abundance mindset
Faith works with knowledge, so in any situation, find scriptures that covers your case. It might be a scenario that has happened before in scriptures, check what God did concerning such a situation and pray to God concerning yours too.
Do not be addicted to social media, study Gods word. There are always updates on God’s word too not only on social media. Set a goal of reading the bible from Genesis to Revelation within in a year.
Our prayers are always answered, the idea that God at times says “NO, wait or ” YES to our request is not true. He always answers “YES ” because God is not unrighteous and its always in God’s power to give you your request. Our mind is the reason we don’t see quick result, we need to renew our mind.
Source: Above Whispers

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