Bishop Accuses NGOs of Aiding Female Circumcision In Uganda

By Micheal Woniala

The Bishop of Sebei Diocese, Rev Paul Masaba, has accused non-governmental organisations (NGOs) operating in the sub-region to fighting against female genital mutilation (FGM) of exaggerating figures on the current prevalence in order to obtain funding from donors.


“There are NGOs benefiting from this issue of FGM in Sebei because their main objective is survival and sustainability, so when they escalate the figures, they attract more funding.

“Of course, when something bad is happening, there is definitely those who are benefiting from it and when it stops, obviously some people lose out,” Bishop Masaba said.

He made the remarks during an Inter-religious council workshop in Mbale Town, which was aimed at debating on how to end gender-based violence, sexual reproductive health, and HIV/Aids.

The workshop attracted more than 70 religious leaders from all denominations from more than 25 districts in the eastern sub-region.

“The greatest limitation to ending FGM in Sebei is because some NGOs are sponsoring the vice and leaders are not speaking the same language,” Bishop Masaba said.

“However, the communication officer working for one of the NGOs, who refused to be named, told Daily Monitor that their interest is to fight FGM and not to escalate it.

“We have been doing this work for many years and FGM cases have dropped, so I don’t understand when the bishop says some of us are escalating the vice because that is not our interest,” the source, said.

Dr Alfred Mwanga, the assistant district health officer of Kapchorwa, said apart from FGM, gender-based violence is also rampant in the sub-region. He said the vice has stopped many girls from achieving their potential.


In January, police in Kween District arrested 19 people over allegations of aiding women and girls to undergo the FGM in various sub-counties.

FGM is recognised internationally as a violation of human rights of women and girls.

Source: Monitor

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