What Have You Been Saying?

By Princess Arira

Many things in life can cause us to fear – losing your jobs, deadly disease, terrorist attacks and so on. When these things confront us we tend to give in to worry and fear and starts talking about our fear. Job was no different, he constantly feared that God would punish him and his family because he kept thinking that his son had sinned against God. And he kept offering burnt sacrifices regularly because of his son’s sin Job 1:5.
Job became sin conscious and it was his sin consciousness that opened the door to the devil, his preoccupation with sin that his family may have committed gave the devil the opportunity to bring death and destruction to his life. God had a hedge of protection around Job. But when he started becoming sin conscious and having a fearful expectation of judgement, the hedge was removed and Satan could attack him.
 If you have sinned, don’t condemn yourself. Just pray and repent. We must be mindful of what we believe and say regularly because ” death and life are in the power of the tongue” so, always confess God’s word that gives life rather than words that would bring fear and condemnation to you.
Bible references: Job 1: 9-12,  3:25, pro 18:21, Eph 1:7, 1cor 1:30, 2cor 5:21, Psm 91:3.
Source: Above Whispers

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