Women Are Able To Overcome Difficulties – Dr Ayesha Musa Al-Saeed

Member of Sovereignty Council, Dr Ayesha Musa Al-Saeed said that the revolution has brought women who are capable to surpass all difficulties in collaboration with youth, stressing on building a new strong Sudan through modernization of infrastructures and erection of schools and hospitals.

She announced during the Sovereignty Council delegation visit to Gezira State Tuesday, the state keenness to return Gezira State as an international food basket, calling for warding off the floods and rains impacts through clearance of canals and repair of irrigation system.

Member of the Sovereignty Council, Dr Hassan Mohamed Idris asked Alla to bless Gezira State martyrs and thanked Wali and executive bodies in Gezira State for good management of the state during the previous period.

Dr Idris thanked United Arab Emirates (UAE) and its people who are known for loving Sudan, reminding that H.H. Sheikh Zayed Al-Nahyan has apparent contributions in Sudan, affirming that Sudan maintains distinguished relations with all Arab Gulf states.


As Dr Sidiq Kafi, member of the Sovereignty Council appreciated the regular flow of subsidized commodities and payment of salaries all over the five-month period of executive vacuum thanks to armed forces and other regular forces.

He said that the delegation visit came at a time of uncontrollable conditions and considered it an affliction, adding that the huge losses require the provision of support to the Gezira State and that the Sovereignty Council would stand alongside people of Gezira State and solve their issues.

Dr Sidiq Tawer underlined that the delegation came to the State to introduce new method that the official is a servant, not a governor, disclosing that the impacts of floods and rainfall that hit the Gezira State united efforts of components of the state community, government and regular forces in a simultaneous mobilization towards serving the state citizens.

Source: SNA

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