Beyonce The Fashion Queen

By Viveeyan

37-year-old Beyonce Knowles Giselle carter, who has been singing since a very young age and is currently one of the greatest musicians ever, has not only been killing it in the music world but she has also been killing it in the fashion world. Here are 10 amazing styles she has worn over the years that has proven she’s a fashion queen.


  1. Beyonce was seen in a pink, butterfly emblazoned sweater striped midi skirt, and red velvet sandals


bey 1

2. Bey date night with Jay on October 3rd 2016. She wore an army print ivy park baseball cap, oversized denim jacket, cut-offs, brightly- coloured pumps, and a funny clutch emblazoned with “kiss better than I cook”.


bey 2

3. Beyonce look posted on December 9th 2017, she was wearing a feathery holiday dress and heels.


bey 3



4. For a charity event, Beyonce was seen in a sophisticated like looking jumpsuit.


bey 4


5. Beyonce in a crocheted micro mini fast dress.

bey 5


6.Beyonce in Oscars 2009 in a beautiful figure-hugging fishtail gown.


bey 6


7. Beyonce wore an exquisite halterneck gown created by her costume designer Tina Knowles, at the premiere of her film dream girls in 2006.

bey 7



8. Beyonce’s Instagram look in March 22, 2018. A long chiffon dress accessories with the sweetest pair of fashion pumps.

bey 8



Source: Above Whispers

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