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By Onozasi

Ladies and gentlemen, did you hear about the recent story, the recent plot development concerning that ‘one’ man of God accused of raping women in his church, under his care, the one whose story got leaked some months back, yeah, that one, we read, saw online that he hired policemen to go pick up the woman who championed the whole story, the woman who made other women find their voice. You know what? It’s called an allegation. and if you think you are not guilty, it is simple. Just say your case, show us the time, give us the place and let’s hear your side of the story, I mean, what is so difficult in that? Oh well, your guess is as good as mine, it seems oga pastor is guilty and is trying to run away from justice so he is using the connections he has to intimidate people but guess what? People cannot be intimidated, not anymore, not again. When the sins of a man are out in the open, they are out! There’s nothing you can do to stop the smoke from blaring up in the fire.




Thank God for the husband of the woman involved, he recorded the men, took pictures of their bus and van and made it go viral and as usual, Nigerians pounced on the post.  They lambasted the police force, they called them out for pushing injustice when they should be neutral,(oh well, as Nigerians, the police force isn’t surprising though) but this time around, people couldn’t have it. They lashed out and this forced the IGP to give a statement. He said, the police have nothing to do with what happened {so, please, who sent them?} Our dear husband, shared the picture of the letter they brought with them and it had the zeal of the IGP headquarters. So, what are we talking about? You are busted, you are busted!  Mind you, the victim had already issued a petition long before this shenanigans so what are we talking about?

Anyway, we are here. We will see how this unfolds. We will see if justice will indeed be served and the police, the accused should know that no one can be intimidated. I mean, if you are innocent, make your case! Simple!

Source: Above Whispers

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