The Story Corner : Women Are Speaking Up

By Onozasi


face sad

Have you gone online lately? Have you seen women speaking up about their sexual abuse, how they were molested by closed family and friends? Some were molested at age 9, some lesser and some were raped etc. Have you read the stories of their ‘silence’ these things happened years ago but the story of one woman broke the shell. The story of Busola Dakolo sprung the hearts of these women to share their stories. Stories they have never shared, they have finally gotten the courage to speak up. They have finally found a voice through the voice of one woman. Sexual molestation is a big deal and should be treated as a big deal under the law. I don’t care if it happened years ago, so far the courage to speak has landed on you, speak your truth! I just hope we train our boys to be better in our society.  I hope that more women would find their voice to speak and most importantly, to Heal!


Happy New Week Fam.

Source: Above Whispers

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