World Bank Appoints Prof Pate As Global Director

The World Bank has confirmed the selection of Dr. Muhammad Pate as its Global Director for Health, Nutrition and Population and also Director of Global Financing Facility for Women, Children and Adolescents (GFF).

The appointment takes effect from July 1, 2019.


Until recently, Dr. Pate was the CEO of Big Win Philanthropy in the UK, and before that, he held several senior positions, including Minister of State for Health in Nigeria.

He previously worked at the World Bank in Africa, East Asia and the Pacific.

 In his role as the GFF director, Pate will lead, develop and communicate the vision and strategic direction of the GFF partnership and its linkages to the Human Capital Project (HCP) and ensure that GFF’s priorities are effectively integrated by country-led programmes and well-coordinated with the bank’s International Development Association (IDA) investments and with other co-financing countries.

Pate’s appointment follows the recent announcement of Dr. Mariam Claeson’s departure from the GFF, where she served for more than two years as its director.

Pate will work closely with Dr. Monique Vledder, the Manager of the GFF Secretariat, who will continue to lead the day-to-day implementation of the GFF.

He is bringing exceptional leadership to the GFF as it continues to grow. He is passionately committed to the GFF and will be a great interlocutor for its partner countries and investors, laying greater, more coordinated and strategic engagement with increased focus on human capital which will help ensure “we are able to scale up, to address the needs of women and children’s health and nutrition in a comprehensive, sustained, country-led way.”

Source: Daily Trust

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