#AW Gist : Are You Really Ready?

By Onozasi

When people say they want to take over the world, they want to be agents of change, they want the world to hear them, and do this and do that, oh, it is a good thing. It is a good thing to get on high dreams but how prepared are you? Are you really ready to have that life? You see some people clamouring to be political leaders and when you ask them the littlest things they have worked out in their circle, they think you are being pessimistic with such a question. When you see people who say they want to be agents of change and you ask what books they have read, the units they have worked on, the organisations they have volunteered for they have nothing to say. You see, most times, we forget that we need to be really ready not in the head alone but with our hands. It is not enough to be ready in your brain and in your mouth, can your hands feel your readiness?  The answer a lot of people have is No! I want to take on the world, I want to be a producer, how many training have you undergone? what have you worked on? can people around you feel your readiness?


Business People Waiting Nervously

This a very important question that I feel everyone should ask. A question that we should always ask ourselves. Omobolanle wants to be a fashion designer, she wants to share the stage with the big shots in the industry but when you ask her if she has attended classes, done some strategic designs that can prepare her for that stage, the answer is No! she hasn’t. In her mind she knows she isn’t prepared for that life, this doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want it, but at this present time, she hasn’t prepared for it. This is the story of most of us, when we are asked to give our goals, we will take the microphone and speak all the ‘I want to’s’ We will say yes, I see myself this and I see myself that but no, you are not ready to do it. If that stage appears in front of you as you speak, it would meet you unprepared.

So, let’s do this together.

  1. Task Yourself. 

You know what you want yeah, start working on you. Start reading books to prepare you for that stage, start attending classes that can help you function well in that position so that when the opportunity comes knocking you will not flop, you will not stutter.

2. Volunteer For People. 

A lot of people find it pretty difficult to serve. For you to be on a grand platform, you need to work with other people, being able to serve means being able to learn practically. It means doing what can transform you to be the better part of you. I know a lot of people find it difficult to volunteer but if you want something, if you are passionate about it, you need to find people who have worked that part and be actively involved in what they do. This will help you  learn  the prone and cone of what you intend to venture in. So that  when the opportunity comes knocking you will not be caught unaware.

3. Develop Your Mind. 

Some people have what they want in their head but haven’t developed their mind to be ready for it. I Know quite a number of persons have the desire to do a whole lot of things but they haven’t settled down in their mind to sap in the power of what they want. They are not mentally ready but you have to mentally ready if not, you will incapacitated when the time comes for you to exude what you have always wanted. Let me tell you this, you need to see where you want to be, as often as you want so that your mind can conceive it.

It is not enough to speak it, you need to Work for it!


Source: Above Whispers

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  1. Samuel May 8, 2019 at 10:37 am

    Great read..Thanks for this.


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