You Have Not Many Fathers.

By Princess Arira

Paul used the word “instructor” which is from the Greek word “PAIDAGOGOS”. Which means a boy leader /child leader, a servant whose duty is to take children to school, their teacher/tutor. Examples of “paidagogos”can be someone who led you to Christ or the churches where you grew up. You might not necessarily learn sound doctrine from there but the basic disciplines of the christian faith (like church attendance, commitment, long hours of prayers, giving and bible study etc).
You must be thankful to God for such people and places that kept you grounded in the basics of Christianity, even if they did not have sound teaching. It is worthy of notes, that Paul did not pass a snidely remarks about the instructors.
However, Paul lays claim of the Corinthian brethren as their father in the faith. He could say this because he nurtured them in the faith. You should be careful not to be too hasty to call anyone ‘ spiritual father’. This is the advantage many predator use to abuse young people. It is therefore important for you to understand who a spiritual father is in every sense of the world.
A spiritual father is therefore someone who is responsible for your spiritual growth, and this growth is a process (1Pet 2:2). There must be a physical presence, it is not a mentoring by correspondence. You will discover who the figure is as you grow up spiritually and the person is usual someone who has pastored you long enough.
A spiritual father is also someone who is responsible for your doctrinal persuasion, and this takes years of consistency. Paul and Timothy are a very good example. They had this bond for years. Timothy was a man that was persuaded of the message Paul preached. A spiritual father is someone you are accountable to and guides you (Heb 13:17). And this is applicable to all facets of your life, including your relationships.
It is ludicrous to have more than one father, it robs you of safety. Multiplicity of influence will make you unstable with your walk with God.
Reading the bible through in one year
Lev 5:14-19, 6, 7:1-10, mark 10:32-52, Pro 6:12-19.
Source: Above Whispers

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