Honour Your Parents

By Princess Arira

God has placed honour upon our parents. Gen 20:12,  Deut 5:16, Mat 5:14. It is an emphatic  instruction, whenever you see people struggling in life, one of the root causes of such struggle is dishonour. Dishonour will bring a person into pain, your parents deserve your honour not because they have earned it but because God commanded it. And you have to understand that the fact that they didn’t have to earn it, means they can never lose it no matter what happens on this earth.
You know the way God looks at you, in Christ, that’s the same way you should look at your parents. blameless, without fault. If you operate with your parents from an angle of fault. I can assure you, you will not honour them for so long.

Smiling African American mother and daughter

The commandment that you honour your parents behoves you in such a way that no matter what wrong they do in life, you overlook it. It shouldn’t matter to you because you can never undo or reverse birth that is the way you can never undo or reverse the honour you should give to your parents.
Honour starts from the heart, but it shouldn’t remain there. It should be expressed in actions, and one of the way to express honour is by giving. You give to your parents to show honour to them, one of the things your gift communicates is value. The quality of gifts you show to a person is your way of showing them how much value you have placed upon them. You give money, material things and a helping hand to your parents.
This is how you communicate how much value they have in your heart.
Be a person of honour!
Reading the bible through in a year. Gen 49, Gen 50, Mat 17:14-27, Mat 18:1-9, Eph 6:2-3, Psm 15:1-5.
Source: Above Whispers

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