AW WomenPreneur Series : Olorunsola Honey Shares Her Journey Into Melisma Creations

By Onozasi

Above Whispers WomenPreneur Series is a platform to showcase amazing business women. Young women who have taken the bold step to start a business, fighting the odds surrounding entrepreneurship in Africa. We share in their journey, share in the challenges and growth process to inspire other women. We believe that when a story is shared, there is a leap in the heart of those struggling with doubts. The purpose of this to push that woman out there to engage in what she has been sacred of by reading through the inspiring stories of other women.
Our guest is a young, creative woman who’s the founder of Melisma Creations. Olorunsola Honey takes us through her journey into business on AW WomenPreneur Series. Enjoy the interview.

AW : Kindly introduce yourselfMy name is Olorunsola Honey,a fashion entrepreneur, content writer and media strategist. I come from a large family that hails from Isan- Ekiti but reside in Ado-Ekiti. I had my primary school education at Christ’s Excellence Nursery and Primary School, Ado-Ekiti after which I proceeded to Fountain International High School, Ado-Ekiti. I recently graduated from the department of Plant Science and Biotechnology in Ekiti State University,Ado-Ekiti.


AW : What is Melisma Creations 

Melisma Creations is a fashion brand that specializes in creating amazing products that satisfy our customers and also promotes the Nigerian culture. The brand encompasses all aspects of fashion anyone can think of. We render services such as Shoe making,bag making,makeup and gele{head gears},pedicure and manicure,fashion designing,hair styling and clothing line all with an African touch but presently we’re more focused on shoe making,bag making and makeup and gele. We believe that with time,we will get to introduce every other part gradually with the help of God.


AW : What inspired your journey into business?

Love for fashion as well as looking good. I love putting things and colours together and people tend to love them on me. I also do the same for my friends. Over time, I noticed that my love for fashion was deeper than what I thought it was and then I decided to improve on it, I undertook some trainings (I am still taking some at the moment) from which I obtained certification,I just did not want it to end there so I decided to turn my passion into profit .It became a business. I love to look beautiful and also make people beautiful and happy. So doing my thing makes me happy and also delivering products also makes my customers happy.


AW : What have been the challenges so far as an entrepreneur?

Finance has been the major challenge as an entrepreneur. Also, getting materials for production sometimes in my locality can be challenging and I have to travel far to get them.

 AW : Who are your mentors?

Rhodamine Collections, Rev. Tope Popoola, Segun Daniel Bello, AYNIGERIA. These persons are excellent people in the industry among other things that they do.They have been a source of inspiration to me both for personal development and career wise.



AW : Tell us some of your success stories.

My first success story is the first delivery I made to my first customer aside myself, Barr. Tosin Ayo. He made a footwear order which I delivered personally and to my utmost delight,He loved the footwear so much. He particularly commented on the timeliness of the delivery and the neatness of production, from  there and then got me three orders. I was so elated, I was moved to tears because I felt I did something well and I was appreciated for it.

My Favorite success story so far is the production of my first high heel shoes. It was not an easy task and judging from my locality,it was hard getting the production materials, I had to travel to Lagos to get them. The production process was not easy as it was completely different from covering an ankara heel. I was frustrated in the process that I felt like giving up at a point but I kept at it and it came out really nice and beautiful. The production made me more confident in myself that I can do anything when it comes to footwear production.

I also recently bagged an award as most creative on campus in the just concluded CMA(Campus Mega Award) that cuts across all higher institutions in Nigeria. I became a recipient of the award in recognition of my creative prowess in my field(shoe making) and getting this award made me aware that people are watching me and they also love me and what I do. Hence,inspiring me to do more,get better and ultimately provide the best services and products to my customers.



AW : There is a popular saying that family and friends hardly patronize their loved ones who are entrepreneurs, how true is this?

I would not totally agree with this saying because my most consistent customers have been family and friends. However, this saying to me is true to a reasonable extent in that family and friends are capable of disregarding the services rendered or products offered on the premise of cost and also on the premise of familiarity and thus ignoring transaction and seeking to obtain the product for free.

AW : Do you think the business space in Nigeria is adequately receptive of female entrepreneurs?

The attainment of an adequately receptive business space for female entrepreneurs in any country in the world is a growing plant in its budding state. However, Nigeria ranks amongst the first five countries with the most female entrepreneurs in the world with about 40% of the entire entrepreneurial population been female.  I think with this statistics, the Nigerian business space is quite receptive for female entrepreneurs as long as it can be adequately utilized and mastered.


DSC_2172Olorunsola Honey. Creative Director, Melisma Creations


AW : What is key to you, Customer relations or making money? 

Customer relation is key to me.The ability to establish a good relationship with customers goes a long way in the growth of a business; this is because when a customer is happy with the service provided, he is propelled to pay for it. Hence without customer relation there is no business.

AW : Have you ever felt like giving up?

At a point, Yes.I have in time past been judged and disdainfully regarded with regards to my line of business. I am a shoemaker and oftentimes when I introduce myself as such, I notice a kind of melancholic and spiteful expression on people’s faces. This expression remains until I have been able to showcase and convince them through a lot of talking and pictures of my ability and creative prowess.

AW : What is the most important tool to your business and why?

The most important tool in my business is the human resources. The centre point of my business which is shoe making and shoe sales requires the use of human resources from start to finish. The making of a shoe is a task that demands creativity and dexterity if a brand must stand out. Creativity is required in developing the ideas of shoe pattern to make and it is also required in the advertising and sales of the shoes. These abilities are necessary human resources alongside teamwork and others.


AW : How has social media helped in enhancing your business?

The importance of social media in business enhancement can never be overrated. This could be attributed to the wide exposure it has gotten and also to the exposure it offers to its users. I’m into the Fashion Industry and this has made the use of the social space highly expedient for me. Aside the wide platform for advertisement that the likes of Facebook and Instagram offer, social media has availed me the opportunity to be updated about the ever changing fashion scene. To excel in the fashion industry is to be actively creative and innovative, and I must say these attributes which are believed to be personal attributes of every fashion entrepreneur, I have been able to sharpen by my use of the social media. Social media has also provided me the opportunity to constantly be in touch with both current and potential customers.

AW :  Share your social media handles with us.

Facebook: Melisma Creations, Olorunsola Honey.  Twitter: @mz_mahosola, @melismacreatio1

Instagram: @mz_mahosola, @melisma_creations


AW :What’s your advice to other women seeking to be entrepreneurs like you?

Persistence and Consistence is vital if one must become a successful entrepreneur. Ignore societal pressure that debar you from achieving your dreams, don’t be in a rush to make wealth, devout yourself to adding value to people’s lives and wealth will come seeking after you.With this, the sky would be your starting point.




Source: Above Whispers

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  1. Olubunmi Sanyaolu August 25, 2019 at 1:10 pm

    Amazing Interview, educational and informative, I’m hoping to see more amazing contents and growth from Melisma Creations.


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