AW Women Series : Omolola Olubusola Balogun Shares Her Vision For Girls Via Girls Aid Initiative

By Onozasi

Above Whispers Women Series is aimed at showcasing women who are crusading for vulnerable men and women in the society. This is a platform for these women to share their journey with other women around the world and inspire them. On this platform, we love to share stories of inspiring  women because we know that women are doing a whole lot in the society.  The purpose of this series is to keep you abreast of the amazing strides that women and young women are doing in Nigeria, Africa and across the World.


Our guest is a social entrepreneur, a woman who’s passionate about the girl child. She is the founder of Girls Aid Initiative. An organisation aimed at helping girls with their talents, a place for the girl child to get enhanced physically, mentally and financially. Do enjoy this interview with Mrs Omolola Olubusola Balogun, the founder of Girls Aid Initiative.




AW : Kindly introduce yourself 


Our Guest :  My Name is Omolola Olubusola Balogun. I am a native of Ikere-Ekiti from a family of 5, 2 girls and 3 boys.  I am a young creative and energetic woman with  teaching experience and profound knowledge in entrepreneurial skills.  I hold a bachelor of science degree in Home-Economics  from the University of Ado Ekiti now Ekiti State University Ado Ekiti


_MG_0007-1Omolola Olubusola Balogun. Founder, Girls Aid Initiative



AW : Tell us about Girls Aid Initiative 

Our Guest : Girls Aid initiative Nigeria is a Non-Governmental organization, a project designed for the educational development and empowerment of young girls through skills acquisition/entrepreneurial scheme in order to become a resourceful and well- rounded woman.

Girls Aid Initiative Nigeria is aimed at improving the moral standard of young girls socially, emotionally and also assist in building self confidence/ esteem through practical talks and seminars on values accepted in the society. it  is an “all about girls program created for young girls between 10–19 years where they can acquire the knowledge and courage to become the girl they were truly created to be in order to fulfill purpose and also encourage them to stand up in confidence and boldly speak out on issues affecting them.



AW : What inspired this initiative 

Our Guest : Research shows that so many girls live their life in ignorance, loneliness  and fear as a result of these they are not in tuned with themselves thereby developing feelings of insecurity and low esteem. Looking at this, there is need for self discovery and empowerment. I reflected on my childhood days, and concluded that there is need to assist every young girl that comes my way.



AW : There are lots of vulnerable girls in our society, how is ‘Girls aid’ attending to girls like these?

Our Guest : Our aim/slogan “Catch them young”. We organize free training/ empowerment program, in communities, schools and churches. When you empower girls, they are able to live a life that would be productive.




AW : Molestation, illiteracy is predominant among girls in Africa, especially those in the rural areas, what do you think is the cause of this and what solutions do you proffer?

Our Guest : I would say, there are lots of causes. I would mention some and also talk about the solutions. There is Poverty, insecurity, lack of education, early marriage, Lack of shelter, Lack of Exposure, ignorance. These are the underlying themes that promote illiteracy and molestation among our girls.  But there is a way out. Education is key – sensitization and creating awareness, Provision of shelter, Direct assistance, self support group, Empowerment/Enlightenment and also an effort to make them feel safe.


AW : Who are your mentors in this field and how have they inspired you?

Our Guest : Pst. Mrs. Nike Adeyemi. She has inspired me through the real woman programs and words of inspiration such as “Greatness is prepared for individual all you need do is rise up and step out into it”. Prince Toyin Adebiyi has been an inspiration through his words of encouragement  and support.


AW : What’s been the challenge{s} so far?

Our Guest :  It has not been easy but we thank God for he is our strength. Our first challenge was getting the girls together, and secondly the issue of finance



AW : How do you source for these girls and attend to them? Is there a procedure?

Our Guest : We go to churches, mosques, schools, communities to give talks, seminars, lectures and organize quarterly programs. Through our mentorship program, we attend to their needs.



AW : Tell us some of your success stories?

Our Guest : In December, 2017, we organized a 5 week free training / empowerment program in sewing and needlework though only 5 girls showed up. One of them was my neighbour’s daughter. Initially she didn’t show interest in it but before the end of the training she picked up and after her Senior School Certificate Examination in May 2018, she registered for fashion designing, today she sews for herself and she has gained admission into the university.


AW : What’s your advice to other women who are willing to impact the society just like you?

Our Guest :  My advise to women, don’t give up, follow your dreams. It might not be easy, people will discourage but I implore them to be focused, determined and courageous.



AW : Is there hope for the girl child in this inhumane world of injustice, molestation and violence against her?

Our Guest : Of course, there is hope. It has started already.


AW : Your social media handles?

facebook :  gain Agbs, Instagram  : Girls Aids Initiative Nigeria, Twitter  : gain agbs @ peanos1


We hope this has inspired you.


Source: Above Whispers

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