#AW Gist : Check Your Energy

By Onozasi

If you don’t understand that your circle of influence is paramount to your achievement in life, know it now. People need to be surrounded by the right vibes, right attitudes and right thinking. For those who want to be game changers, achievers, the energy around you is very important. You don’t need naysayers, you don’t need pessimistic folks. You need those who can push you, pin you down to make the right decisions and get you to achieve what you think is beyond your limits. I am going to be very open with you, your network is your net worth. If you have people who constantly propel you to be better, people who keep tasking you to put up your potentials, those who don’t believe in your excuses, then you are in for the best time of your life.


In this century, you’ve got to be very intentional. If you aren’t intentional, you cannot make a name for yourself. I know people depend on the government and of course we know that there are some basic amenities that should be provided by the government but in as much as we are being plain here, we have to hit the nail on the head, your destiny lies in your hands. You are your destiny. You are who you want to be and the onus is on you to move up.

Let me share some tips with you

Stay Away From People Who Constantly Complain:

There are thousands of people who don’t find anything worthy in a situation, in a place or in a life. They will always say something wrong. They will always complain. The road is too long, the movie is too sad, the food is not tasty. They find it difficult  to appreciate things or find something worth appreciating in a thing. Those people are not worth being around with. These set of people will only discourage your every move. They will never applaud you but they will always find something faulty in everything.

The Gormless Folks:

Let me put this straight, people who don’t have sense! They have nothing. No initiative. No ideas. Nothing. Nothing and Nothing. If you know what you are doing and where you are headed you need to stay off gormless folks because the more you are around them, the emptier you get. I am not being harsh here, it is just the truth. I am intentional about those  I relate with because not every content is relevant to my life pursuit, I know that and I take it seriously. So, why stay around those who have nothing to give me? I am too focused to be dented by those who have nothing to offer themselves. If you are on a mission to success, you need to check your clique. Remove the gormless folks or perhaps, train them to be sensible.

Toxic Folks

There is no need to manage those people who exude bad energy. They are bad energy and they must be uprooted. If they don’t support you, if all they do is laugh at you, make jest of you, get people to water down your goals, Hey! they are toxic. Remove them. Stay far away from them. You have to understand that whatever adds no value to you is not of value to you. Yes, it is very important that you know that. Toxic people always want to be heard, they want to show that no one is better, no idea is better, nothing can be done without them. Why engage such people? why have them in your circle? Excuse me, now is the time to shake them off. Now is the time to move them apart. You have to be very intentional about all that you do.

If you don’t change your circle, your circle will change you.

Source: Above Whispers

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