AW Women Series : Meet Olabintan Odunola Abiodun, A Crusader For Preventive Medicine Among Young People

By Onozasi

 Above Whispers Women Series is aimed at showcasing women who are crusading for vulnerable girls and women in the society. It’s a platform for these women {crusaders} to share their journey with women around the world and inspire them. On this platform, we love to share stories of inspiring  women because we know that women are doing a whole lot in the society.  The purpose of this series is to keep you abreast of the amazing strides that women and young women are doing in Nigeria, Africa and across the World. 
Today, we are shinning the spotlight on a Young Social Entrepreneur, Olabintan Odunola Abiodun. She is the Team Lead at The Health City; an organisation that focuses on educating young people about embracing healthy lifestyles with emphasis on four thematic areas – Sexual Health, Nutrition, Mental Health and Physical Health. Do enjoy this educating, interesting and mind opening piece.
Ms Olabintan Odunola Abidoun. 
AW : Do introduce yourself to us. 

Our Guest : My name is Olabintan Odunola Abiodun, a Social entrepreneur, Vlogger and Compere. I come from a large family that resides in Akure, Ondo State where I had my primary school education at St. Louis Nursery and Primary School and then proceeded to St. Louis Girls’ Grammar school for my secondary school education, I had a short stint studying Microbiology at the Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA) but I left after spending a year to study Medicine and Surgery at Ekiti State University where I am currently in my fourth year.


AW : What is Health City? 

Our Guest :  The Health City is an organization I started in 2015 with the aim of educating young people especially students about preventive medicine so as to reduce the incidence of chronic diseases which is the number one cause of death globally. The Health City focuses on educating young people about embracing healthy lifestyles with emphasis on four thematic areas (sexual health, nutrition, mental health and physical health) , we also help them make informed health decisions via providing vital knowledge through our programs and also our online Vlog on YouTube ‘The Lifesaver’s Apprentice’.


AW : What prompted this idea? 

Our Guest : I was inspired to start the health city in my second year when I noticed majority of students either do not take their health seriously or lack the knowledge required to take certain steps about their health.

DSC_0830 copy
Health City’s Outreach


AW : In Nigeria, there are tons of health issues affecting women and girls and some people have said it boils down to ignorance and negligence. Do you think that most Nigerian women are ignorant about certain, salient health issues or its negligence?

Our Guest : I think it’s both, some women are outright ignorant and most times it is not their fault because they lack access to correct information while some women, while they are aware are negligent because in this part of the world we attribute most of our health issues to “THE VILLAGE PEOPLE” and it is not until such issues have gotten out of hand that they eventually visit the hospital. At other times too, lack of finance is sometimes for the perceived negligence.


AW :What role has Health City played in helping vulnerable women and girls in the society?


Our Guest : At the Health City, we believe that knowledge is power and by educating young girls about sexual health and also our other thematic areas via our vlog, we’re helping them make decisions that will on the long run have a great impact on their health and well-being. Also through my work with the health city, I have gotten the opportunity to volunteer with UNICEF/UNFPA as a social media advocate in the campaign to End Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) which is a form of violence against women. Via this platform, I have been able to educate hundreds of people about why this practice which affects women negatively, has no health benefits whatsoever should be stopped.

DSC_0835 copy

AW : Is Health city an open project for volunteers?

Our Guest : Yes, we’re open to admitting volunteers.


AW : What are the challenges so far?

Our Guest : Finance mostly but when there is a will there’s a way, God always makes a way.


AW : Do you think that the health sector in Nigeria has adequate protection for the vulnerable?

Our Guest : To a certain extent but we still have a whole lot to do.


AW : What do you think is the sucking point for young women pertaining basic health care

Our Guest : Access to information and finance.



AW :What are the long term goals for health city?

Our Guest : To take the message of preventive medicine to as many young people we can reach all over the world.


AW : How has social media enhanced your campaign?

Our Guest :  Social media has enhanced my campaign greatly, especially via our YouTube channel “The Lifesaver’s Apprentice” which makes is easier to reach young people all over the world.


AW : Share some of your success stories with us.

Our Guest : My favorite success story so far is be the first event we ever held “The health week”, it ran for two days and was held at Ekiti State University. Altogether for both days we had an attendance of over 500 people, it took a lot of time and effort but it also taught me a whole lot, the power of determination and having a committed and dedicated team.

AW : What would you advice youths who are into social change and development like you

Our Guest :  Keep moving forward and never lose your spark but if it does happen that situations want to dull your spark, find others as innovative and passionate as yourself to motivate and encourage you. If you want to go fast go alone but if you want to go far, go together.

AW : Who are your role models in and outside your industry?

Our Guest : Barr. Michael Olaniyan  (my mentor), OdekunleBabatunde , FatunaseAnjola.


You can follow Healthy City on  Facebook- The Health City, Instagram- thelifesaversapprentice, YouTube -The Lifesavers Apprentice 

Thank you for reading and we hope this has inspired you.



Source: Above Whispers

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3 Responses to AW Women Series : Meet Olabintan Odunola Abiodun, A Crusader For Preventive Medicine Among Young People

  1. Oluchi February 18, 2019 at 5:27 pm

    well done to Health City, thank you AW for sharing this with us. I am happy that the series is back. so happy.

  2. Nathaniel Austin February 18, 2019 at 5:30 pm

    Brilliant idea. so much passion in her responses and the questions were quite challenging. Well done. I hope when Health City is about to do her next outreach, Above Whispers community will be informed.

  3. Roseline Kuma February 18, 2019 at 5:32 pm

    Yes. I am inspired. Totally, absolutely, inspired.


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