#AW Gist : The Synergy

By Onozasi

The crusader : Madam, there is a mentorship platform for women, we would like you to join so you can promote your business, share with people and other women like you on the platform.

Unbeliever : Thank you ma but I don’t want to.

The crusader :Why now? you don’t want to promote your business?

Unbeliever :  It’s not like that. You see, when we have a lot of women in a place, there will be jealousy, there will be envy, they will be doing somehow and then, I am not even as educated as the women who are on that platform, please, let me just stay in my lane. 

The crusader : Madam, we are connected not by our degrees, our houses or cars, we are connected by the will power to change our world, to make a better place for women. We are creating a force. This kind of mindset and hasty conclusions is not necessary at all. This how we spread false news, false gist and people begin to take it round. Then they say, ‘Women are their own enemies’ ‘Women hate themselves’ and this is a lie…


This is the falsehood we have created to eat into our reality. This is the level we have immersed ourselves in and it’s eating us up especially for young women. Most young women I talk to, interact with have things to say like that unbeliever but when you ask if they have experienced it, they will say no, ‘that is what they say’… and well, some women say they have experienced it but that doesn’t mean that every platform for women is like that. We have to understand that if we don’t create the synergy we want, we won’t have the basis for growth and development. These stereotypes attract misogynists to laugh at us. It makes them think that we have nothing to offer ourselves than vile and hatred.

Let us take the spotlight off the platforms that downgrade other women. Let us brag about the women platforms that promote women, create opportunities for women. There are platforms for women that create job opportunities for women, create the showcase that women need. Those platforms that create the sisterhood synergy that we don’t find elsewhere. I have realised that a lot of us young women are the reasons behind the backlash we get from novices. Why? we are the ones who go about spreading the sad stories. Excuse me, who doesn’t have a sad story? we are the ones who go about telling everyone one the bad gist about a woman or a platform and we have refused to spread the good ones. Most of us are working with stereotypes. Most of us don’t want to explore these platforms and those that explore come with ‘that eye’, the eye of waiting to see when something goes wrong. We need to stop this. We need to create this genuine synergy. We are women and we can do more if we come together and set our hearts towards it.

Explore the opportunities for women around you. Share the good news. Help other women. Take care of yourself and we would be a formidable force.

Source: Above Whispers

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One Response to #AW Gist : The Synergy

  1. DSEED February 1, 2019 at 8:11 pm

    God help is to see beyond ourselves.


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