The Story Corner : This Silence Is Killing

By Onozasi

Hello My people, you are welcome to your one and only buzzing gist corner {if you want to argue that, argue with your phone}.

So, let me go straight to today’s gist. The people of the world have been wondering when the official wedding pictures of ‘Our silent star couple‘ will be out. Remember the gist I shared some weeks ago that two musicians got married on a coded level, we have since been waiting for them to share their pictures. Actually, it is their wedding  but people are getting vexed that their ‘Overdo’ is too much after all, they are not the first persons to get married in Nigeria and for crying out loud, they are stars and their fans should know wassup. Listen, I am not the one speaking here, I am only saying what I heard. In fact, someone got to angry on twitter  that she had to vent her anger on the ‘wife’ when she asked a funny question. {Go and look for that tweet} Anyway, people have been asking and the both of them are apparently enjoying their honeymoon and haven’t had time to respond to questions and once again, we are reminded that it is their wedding not ours. We will  mind our business and let them face theirs too but the thing is, when they want to have their concert, they shouldn’t disturb us o. We will also keep money, abi? Well, as I said earlier, I am only saying what I heard….


So, according to them, do the people a favour and show at least one of your wedding pictures and let’s ‘awnnn’ it out for you or you keep hiding it and we hide our money when it’s time for their shows. Shikena!. I hope I have delivered this message very well.

Source: Above Whispers

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