Red And Green : Holiday StyleSpiration

By Vivian U


Red and Green are the official Christmas colours. It is unusual to see both colours matched on a normal day, but Christmas always gives us the thumbs up to wear it everywhere and anytime.

Do not restrict the looks to huge grandma sweaters and bulky gowns, red and green during Christmas can be as fashionable as fashionable can be.

Check out these pictures below and feed your inner fashionista with the inspiration she needs;

These emerald earrings are gorgeous!

red 1



Oversized sweat top and pants? Love the swag. And the shades!

red 2


Fiery hot in an all red ensemble. That holiday party’s about to be blazing with you in it.

red 3

Sometimes, just a green top on black pants will do the trick.

red 4


Want to head to that formal event looking modest and still irresistibly hot? Try this look!

red 5

Red pop socks? Lovely.

red 6


















Merry Christmas readers. Go forth and paint the town red….. and green.


Source: Above Whispers

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