3 Million People To Be Rescued From Hunger

By Chipambano Mbewe

Government has said it is targeting to distribute maize to over 3 million people who are currently affected by hunger in some parts of the districts in the country.

Minister of Information Henry Mussa said this on Saturday (November 24 2018) during a rally which he held in his Chiradzulu East Constituency at Nankhundi Primary School ground in the area of Group Village headman Masanjala, T/A Kadewere in the district.

 In his remarks, Mussa said that government is aware that some districts in the country are facing a serious problem of food shortage since they failed harvest enough maize and other crops which was a result of inadequate rainfall and poor weather condition.

But Mussa assured Malawians that government is geared as it is doing everything possible to rescue them from the challenge.

Food distribution provided by the Ethiopian government, Korile IDP Camp, Somali Region, Ethiopia

He said currently government is planning to reach out to all the affected people with a maize distribution programme as soon as possible before the problem get out of hand and that no one will die because of hunger in the country.

“It is the wish and government’s duty to make sure that every citizen is living a happy life by having enough food in the house and in that way they can easily contribute in a number of developments taking place in their respective areas.

” So, as I am talking now Admarc warehouse’s are filling up with maize to distribute to all those that have been hit by hunger and we are targeting to over 3million people which is quite a lot in terms of money. I can’t give the exact figure of how much will set aside but we are challenging that the food distribution will reach each and every people affected by this problem,” said Mussa.

 He further urged people in the district and whole Malawi to vote in their massive numbers for DPP in the pending 2019 tripartite elections in order to continue with the ongoing developments programmes taking place in the country.

During the rally a total of six PP, UTM and UDF members were welcomed into DPP camp in the area after announcing their defection and interest to join the ruling party.

Source: allafrica.com

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