President Fillipe Nyusi Reiterates Commitment To Women’s Empowerment

 Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi on Wednesday reaffirmed the determination of his government to continue working for peace and development, with the involvement and empowerment of women.

Speaking in Oslo, at a seminar on peace, security and women’s empowerment, Nyusi said it is indispensable that women should play an active role in the prevention and resolution of conflicts. He stressed that Mozambique and Norway share the challenge of valuing women and both countries have made advances in this area.


 The President stressed that at no time should the participation of women in peace and development be neglected. “There will be no development without the involvement of women”, he said, “which is the same as saying that without peace there is no development, and without the involvement of women, there is no sustainable and inclusive development”.

After a summary of the political, economic and social situation in Mozambique, Nyusi praised the role of Norway in the demilitarization of the former rebel movement Renamo. This involves disarming and demobilizing the Renamo militia, and integrating its members, either into the defense and security forces, or back into civilian society.

He added that although the peace process in Mozambique is “firm”, it needs the support of international partners. He expected new developments on this front in the near future.

“I would like to restate my determination and that of my government to work for an effective and lasting peace, and for the development of the country, and in this the participation of women is indispensable”, said Nyusi. “In this process, we would like to continue relying on the support of Norway through more integrated actions”.

“In this task of ensuring effective and sustainable peace, at this moment when the process of demilitarisation, disarmament and reintegration requires resources, we are counting on the invaluable support of friendly countries, countries such as Norway, and we would like to reiterate our recognition of this support”, he added.

Also on Wednesday, Nyusi met with the Mozambican community resident in Norway, and briefed them on the steps towards a lasting peace, and other current developments in the country.


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