Popular Democratic Movement Women’s League Advocates Stiffer Penalties Against Rapists

The opposition party, the Popular Democratic Movement Women’s League (PDMWL) this week said that the sentences that are being given to convicted rapists in the country, are too lenient


The League’s Secretary General, Loide Iipinge said the sentences in the country are too compassionate considering the grievous damage rape does to victims and society at large.

“We feel that there is need for the country’s legal system to start looking at rape especially, as a serious crime that deserves the harshest of sentences among other crimes,” she said

 Iipinge is of the view that these unperturbed sentences encourage perpetrators to continuously engage in the hideous act, with full knowledge that they will not face heavy punishment for doing so.
 “We call upon the Namibian society, the Ministry of Gender and Equality, the society at large and all stakeholders to rigorously engage in awareness programs and campaigns, to educate would-be victims of elements to look out for to avoid being raped,” she said.

Furthermore she commended the Namibian Police Forces for their unwavering investigations and quick apprehension of perpetrators.

“We would want to urge them to continue to do so while we advocate for stiffer penalties for offenders,” she added.

Source: allafrica.com

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