The Story Corner : The Things We Hear…

By Onozasi

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knock, Knock, who is home? The girl is back! I have been hearing things but this particular thing is a little funny but it is true though. Somebody posted something online that they saw one instagram celebrity at one airport and as she was about to check in, they told her to pull off all the gold shoes, bangles, rings etc so they could check the weight of all she had on her but guess what? the thing doesn’t have value sha.  It is  a panda thing{fake stuff}. Whattttt??? What is the gist? This is the gist sir and ma, Our instagram aunty flaunts herself wearing correct gold, showcasing Gucci, Prada but all na lie. You see why you shouldn’t base your life on social media? this is the reason why you should not allow anyone molest you mentally online because it could be a facade.

Our aunty is wearing Panda!!!{Fake}.In fact, there was one day she said someone sent her some dollars to buy shoes and I was wondering, haba! why would someone send you this huge amount of money just to buy shoes? shoesss kwa? It’s alright sha but we also heard that aunty has been living off men even though she is always saying God has been good to her, promoting her hair business as she fronts for us all  but the truth of the matter is, our aunty has been lying. Aha! I learnt she also just bought an  estate via this hair business too.  Who else is thinking about  opening a hair market? please, let’s join hands together because it looks as if that is the business God is blessing right now


Source: Above Whispers

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One Response to The Story Corner : The Things We Hear…

  1. Femi Diipo November 3, 2018 at 5:57 pm

    Lol, that was how I read through this and kept wondering who this aunty is, I really should keep up with social media trends these days. Anyways, I guess I should use this medium to announce my hair line that’s coming up soon.


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