How To Care For Your Natural Nails

By Vivian U

Naturally beautiful nails are totally achievable. You don’t have to journey to the salon all the time for beautiful nails. You can get this by simply doing the following;

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  1. Moisturise

Do this by drinking lots of water and also applying lotion or oil onto your cuticles and nails. Moisturize after using a hand wash or hand sanitiser. Coconut oil or baby oil is just fine.


  1. Say No To Harsh Polish

Nail polish contain very toxic chemicals. Some of these toxic chemicals are toluene, dibutyl phthalate, camphor, formaldehyde etc. Although some brands try to make nail safe polish, it is important you read the label before purchasing. If you really want polish and are looking for a safer option, try water-based polishes. They do not last long but your nails will thank you for it.


  1. Cuticle Care

Cuticles are a shield to keep out bacteria hence, cutting them can expose your fingers to infections. Moisten them regularly and with the aid of a cuticle pusher, trim away the dead pieces and push back the cuticle.


  1. Long? Brush Underneath


Use a clean nail brush to brush away dirt from underneath your nails.


  1. Don’t Bite, Don’t Pull

Avoid biting your fingernails and pulling at hang nails. Pulling at hang nails will give painful infections and biting your nails will have you transferring germs from hand to mouth. Both actions can damage the nail bed and disfigure your natural nail shape.

Source: Above Whispers

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