The Story Corner : Leave The Girls Alone

By Onozasi

Story, story oooooooooo.. As usual, I am back to tell my story and I hope they have been quite engaging so far.


Have you heard about these social media investigators? You are wondering what this is about yeah? yes o. we have social media investigators now o and guess their job description, they are to find out the source of every woman’s wealth.  You think I am joking?Once you go post something on instagram about a new house, a new car, new project, these social media investigators will come for you. In fact, there is this lady they went for some days back, the lady celebrated her house and some peeps came for her and said, the house wasn’t bought via her means of livelihood. I don’t understand what they are trying to say here but I think they are trying to say, the babe got help from some nice guys.

social shaming



This thing caused serious problem on the internet o. Our aunty said she did it via hard work and the investigators said they know the Mr nice guy who bought the house, she should stop the pretense. Now, this lady isn’t the only person they have done that to. They call on women and start tracing their wealth to some nice guys. My question is, why do they always feel the need to investigate the breakthrough of a young woman? Are they jobless? When the babe was suffering, where were they? And who told you that it’s a man that gave her what she has and even if, what is your business na? what is it? I am tired of people trying to kill the joy of others by shaming their integrity. We know the Small girls Big God clique, we know them in our mind, let us keep watching them, you really don’t need all the social media battle back and forth. We also know the babes who have worked hard and have been favoured by God. Leave us girls alone! Whether the business is legit, whether it is not?Every man to his tent!



Wait o. I even learnt some men are reducing their manhood to get larger butt in Ghana… {Loool} This business I have started won’t kill me.

Source: Above Whispers

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