The Story Corner : Na So Love Be?

By Onozasi

Story Storyyyy…. Let me clear my throat at this juncture. You may say it’s none of my business o… Anyway, I will say what I want to say and you can pick few lessons from it.


I was surfing the net some days back and then I saw that one West African actor was trending as a sharp girl now, I decided to check out the trend and something hit me… The said actor was getting married. I am not against the marriage don’t get me wrong, In fact, let me use this opportunity to wish them a happy married life but I am just confused because his former marriage that got dissolved isn’t even up to 2 years and I am shocked!



Wait, I didn’t know what happened in the former marriage but I guess with all the glee we saw then, all the post about love on instagram and all, they made us feel it was true love. Aunty former wife, haven’t even said anything about the marriage since the crash happened it’s uncle that has been granting interviews and saying, Aunty did this and that. As I said earlier, I am not saying it’s a lie or whatever it is I am just surprised that just 1 year and some months, another marriage could happen. When did they start dating? Hey! I am not insinuating what you think I am insinuating, I am just trying to ask questions. How does love really happen these days? Like, it’s very easy for people to move on, just like that? Just like that? We are different yeah, but I think marriage, Love are deeper stuff. Someone might say, they are actors now, their marriages don’t last, it is normal but it’s not a matter of being actors or not, it is a matter of understanding what love is and doing the right thing…. Anyway, what do I Know?


My own is, before you marry someone, be very sure it is a Forever Ticket not a contract for a couple of years or weeks.


Permit me to go check what is boiling, see you again.

Source: Above Whispers

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One Response to The Story Corner : Na So Love Be?

  1. Samuel October 9, 2018 at 7:22 pm

    Sharp sharp love transfer. This is serious..Well, what do i know too?


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