Being Confident Is Beyond Luxury

By Onozasi

Wait a minute! You wonder what this is right? Yes! Let’s teach you how to Buy confidence. You buy books, you buy clothes, you buy food, you buy data but you forget to buy confidence. Some people are the best of themselves in their rooms and that’s the end of what they exude. It’s sad that people think Confidence comes with what you wear, how you speak or how much money you have. No! Confidence comes with the growth that emanates from the heart.

‘For me to be part of the people who put up the flag of South Sudan is something very special, because we had people who gave their lives to make this a nation.’ Photograph: Ben Doherty for the Guardian
Photograph: Ben Doherty for the Guardian

So, how Bold is your heart? You cannot exude what you don’t have and what you don’t have cannot come to you if you don’t want it. I have seen series of movies about how the confidence level of a normal girl changed when she lost weight and started using makeup or when a normal guy started going to the gym and became rich, his confidence came on. The question is, what will happen when an accident happens to the girl and she gets bodily deformed? What happens when the guy loses his money and his body cannot confine to bodybuilding again? We have been told that it is about what you have but it is not, it is about who you are.

Living your life in the shadow of material needs will make you miserable when those things disappear. I am seriously thinking about how some people can function outside the luxury they have. Luxury is not confidence, Confidence is a spirit that attracts the depths of what money cannot afford. Confidence is you as gold and seeing you as Gold. When you tell yourself about the great feats behind you and how you will dismantle the ones ahead of you even when you have no idea how it’s going to happen, that’s confidence. The magic of being confident comes with allowing yourself to grow and see beyond the natural. 

You don’t need to be High on drugs to be bold, boldness is a nature that can be nurtured. Stand in front of your mirror and see you speaking to that person that gets you scared every time. Stand in front of your mirror and speak to you because what you don’t practice you cannot have. Stand Tall!  Take that step, move on and exude Confidence. Read more, Listen More and Speak Sense!

Live Confidently!


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