The Nigeria For Women And Girls – The Independence Celebration

By Onozasi

We celebrate our dear country at 58, we know we are far from where we want to be but we hope to get there someday. We are a nation blessed with abundance which no news anyway  but we just keep reminding ourselves that God has given us every essential thing but the power to harness it lies with us. God will not come down and teach us how to do this if we don’t get up and push through the right directions. We have to get the right people in place, make them man every resources they have, make sure that we deliver the future and erase this crazy past.


Our women are thriving, they are excelling against all odds  but we aren’t there yet. We are still burdened with lots of local and millennial women struggling to survive. We have rules holding women back, that woman who is not allowed to get a house unless she comes with her husband or a male figure even though she is paying the money. That woman who has been sent away from her husband’s house because he died and she has no male child as a tangible heir {How absurd}.That woman who is facing the toughest situation because she is just a woman at her work place. That woman who has been ridiculed for upholding the right rules, that woman who has been tagged wicked for doing the right thing instead of being tagged upright. 

The woman who is taking care of her kids all alone and when is time for one them to get married, she still has to go call their absent father to come and do the duties and you wonder why the woman cannot do the duties anyway, the man has been absent like forever. The woman has been allowed to relegate herself so she can be seen and the one who is not working with the norms is Bitchy, She is left alone, She is tagged as bitter, Hateful. Rules and Rules that keep women down should be dealt with. We should come together and allow the woman a free space, she should be allowed to fly for being human, intelligent. She should not be deterred for her growth because she is a woman. We need to put the right laws in place. We need to enhance the woman, we need to fight for her and I am not speaking about social media tongue wagging, I mean doing the right thing.

As we celebrate, we have women who are being deprived— Let us do something

We have girls who are forcefully married away —- Let’s do something

We need to stand For Her!

No nation can be solely Independent when the Women Of The Nation are Tied Down!

Source: Above Whispers

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