Read A Little, Live A Little

By Onozasi

Whatsapp, Instagram, Events, Conferences, Parties, Gossips, Series, Movies etc.. We all do that almost on a regular basis yeah? But how well do we read books? Did you just sigh? I know some people would sigh, laugh or smile but whatever the expression is? Do you read? How long have you read in a while?  You get online to chat, you check the stories on Instagram, watch YouTube, attend parties but there is no 15 minutes of good reading infused in your daily routine. I am not talking about going for Conferences, Master Classes which aren’t bad but I am talking about taking a book to read. Going to a  bookshop to get a book or perhaps ordering a book online instead of ordering those shoes and bags, suits and ties. You can get a book and read. 

Now, I understand that reading for most people is not the an easy thing to do but you can try to take it one step at a time. Yeah, take it one step at a time. When you read, you get to learn more, your imaginations expand, your goals are well articulated and calculated when you go through the lines of a book. If you are that person who sleeps when reading a book, a that person who just doesn’t finish a book, let us hep you here:

Woman Reading book

Get it Easy

You don’t have to get a voluminous book since you haven’t read a book in awhile, it will be sad for you to take a book again and stop in the middle of it but you can do something easy by reading a handy book with big fonts. This will allow you finish the book and also help you revive the reading culture. You can do audio books too if you aren’t much of a hard copy person.

Make Friends with Readers

There are some people who love to read. Yes! Those peeps should be your friends. Your company is the most important space of influence in your life that is why, you have to have friends that enjoy reading if you aren’t a reader. These people will get you hungry for books and you can talk about your reading habits with them. Don’t go pretending to be good while you are not. This is meant to help you strengthen that weak side of you.

Set Your Goals 

Sometimes, some of us don’t finish reading because we have refused to set a target for ourselves. You don’t have to set what you cannot achieve, you can make it simple by setting daily targets like, reading a page of a book per day, reading two pages of a book  per day. As you infuse regular reading into your daily routine, this will help you finish up your books.

Write it Down

As you read, write down what you have seen, how you have learnt more, habits you have dropped, what the book has exposed you to, what you have become and how clear the picture is to you. This will help you live every moment better than the former. This will also motivate you to read more, it will help you shun distractions as you pick a book to read.  There is growth in reading a book because it expands your knowledge and make you see how alive the moment and the future is.

Live a Little,

Read A Little!



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