The Mister You Don’t Need

By Onozasi

There is a Mister or let me say a man for every woman and that is true but that doesn’t mean you have to jump at every tom, dick and harry just because you don’t know which of them is the man for you. I am going to go all out to spell it out to women that a man isn’t the only thing that makes you a woman, there are so many other things that make you who you are. You have to be ready to defend yourself and appreciate your growth in any form of it. I have seen women complain about how they are treated by men, how their boyfriends or husbands treat them like animals and it is pathetic. Let me say this, if as a woman you don’t understand that a man doesn’t complete you, then, there is a problem. Nobody can complete you if you do not complete and love yourself for who are and what you represent. You do not need a man to make you whole, make you sane because you have to be sane and whole before you allow a man in your life. If you think one man will make you whole, just relax and drink some tea, it will help take off the illusion. Let me tell you sister, you should know what you want and what you cannot afford to bring to your life.

You do not need these Misters!

The Jealous One


There are men who are just jealous of a woman’s growth. That man that is always complaining about your success, that man who thinks you want to take the lead off him, that man who cannot congratulate you on your achievement is not the kind of man you should have in your life.

The One Who Feels To Big To Be Corrected 

Men in this category find it hard to admit when they are wrong. They just hate to be seen as weak and hate to be seen as small. They are egoistic and chauvinistic.

Competitive Men

They feel they are in competition with the women around them. They want to constantly make the woman feel less of herself. Once a woman is on the same project with them, they feel threatened and start competing  with her. Woman, be careful not to allow such a man in your life. He will rubbish your work.

Insecure Men 

Men who constantly watch their back due to their self worth disease {You can call it inferiority complex}. These men are the kind of men that hate to see their woman go for meetings, hangout out with the men in their field, hate to see them have male bosses due to the insecurity disease he carries about. I am of the opinion that men like this, seek help.

The Verbal Destroyer

This one beats the woman verbally, he drenches her psychic  with insults. He is that man who has nothing good to say to his wife or girlfriend. That man who constantly abuses his woman, slaughters her with his words and makes her less of who she really is. This kind of man is not the man for a woman. You should never allow anyone water down your worth, You are unique and should be seen as that.

I know there are so many kinds of men that women shouldn’t have in their clique and it begins with knowing what you want and why you want it.  You can add more to the list in the comment section.

Source: Above Whispers

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