12 Lipstick Facts You Do Not Know

By Vivian U

The lipstick is a very essential part of any makeup kit. You can decide to apply just a face moisturiser on a clear skin and lip colour and you will be good to go. Lipsticks make your face brighter and improves your look tremendously. Lipsticks can hydrate and protect your lips from the sun.

There are so many lipstick facts but these are the 20 I think will blow your mind;

  1. Fish Scales


Some shimmery lipsticks contained fish scales for shine.

2. Expiration Date

Very few people know that lipsticks have expiration date. They can become rancid. You can prolong a lipstick’s life by putting in the fridge.

3. Lip Safe


Nowadays, the main ingredients of lipsticks are oils, pigments, waxes and emollients. Lipsticks and lip gloss can also have vitamin E, sunscreen, collagen and  moisturizers that help protect and maintain your lips.

4. Gems

Women there used to grind precious gems and decorate lips with their dust.

5.Women’s Rights

Women’s suffragette leaders in the 1900s wore bright red lipstick to protest for the right to vote.

6.Yes, Men Too

In the Roman Empire, men and women wore lipstick as a display of wealth.

7.Stare Stare And Stare


A University of Manchester study found  that a woman wearing red lipstick capture’s a man’s gaze over three times longer than one who is wearing no lipstick at all.


The pigmentation in some lipstick brands are made from crushed bugs. Ingredients like beeswax are also found in some lipstick.

9.Two Good Years


They say, “throw out your lipstick after two years.” Unfortunately putting it in the fridge doesn’t it keep it from expiring after two years, it just stops it from melting and becoming rancid before hand.

  1. Cleopatra

The info is that Cleopatra of Egypt made her red lipstick from crushed Carmine beetles and ants

11. Most Popular Lipstick

Contrary to what many might believe, the clear lip balm is one of the most popular lipstick product in the modern market.

12.Four Pounds

It is said that if a woman wears lipstick daily, she unintentionally eats about 4 pounds of lipstick in her lifetime.

Source: Above Whispers

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